REVIEW: OohSnaap Nails 

Last week one of my IG followers, Trina, offered to send me a set of her custom acrylic nails that she creates and sells online. I follow her as well and really love her work so I gladly accepted the offer.

I did have some slight reservations initially because I stopped wearing acrylic nails years ago. For one, I have sensitive skin so the chemicals and abrasive process became too much. I also stopped wearing them for health reasons, and just found taking care of my own natural nails was more sanitary and healthy. 

What’s different about her customs nails though is that they are applied with a brush on nail glue, so you can skip having your nails drilled to a pulp and your cuticles being ripped out (Yaay). 

All her designs are custom, so I told her what colors I would like and the nail shape. The nails arrived in 3 days all the way from Hawaii (which is where she lives). Included with my package were two full sets of nails (varying sizes), glue, a cute nail file decked out in gold glitter and detailed instructions. 

I found the application process very easy although I did have to file several of the nails to get a better fit on my own nail. As of today I’ve worn them for 1 week and with the exception of 2 or 3 coming off (from my own doing), they have held up very nicely. The instructions state they will last for 2-3 weeks, and I think that’s pretty accurate. The glue included is more than enough and I just keep it handy in my purse in case of an accident. The color has not chipped and the top coat is still very glossy. 

Overall, I really like the concept, and I would definitely order from Trina in the future. 
If you’d like to check out her work, you can visit her Etsy shop HERE or follow her on IG @OohSnaap. Her custom nail sets range range from $10-$25 plus $3 flat shipping to anywhere in the U.S. My design was pretty simple but she can create beautiful nail art, add charms and even real Swarovski’s. 
***I received this product at no cost. All opinions are my own***


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